Mature Aged Student’s Absence Forces Lecture to Finish an Hour Early Without Regular Debate

A lecture that was supposed to take place from 10-12 today was forced to finish an hour early due to the absence of a mature aged student. Normally, Prof. Olivia Verpaid allocated about 45 minutes of the lecture to the inevitable debate she will have with mature aged student, Jimmy (57).

Jimmy, despite claiming he has had a successful business, has gone bankrupt twice. Still, regardless of previous failures, Jimmy is certain that his way is the only correct way of doing things. Some of his classic moments have been letting the professor noted that the slides don’t fit on the screen despite having them open on his laptop.

Rather than debate why a hypothetical allows the price of gas to not be realistic, Professor Verpaid was forced to make idle chat with students she’d never spoken to, as well go through the slides really slowly. Olivia became so desperate that the break she gave was 20 minutes. This all while she was battling to not reach for the bottle of scotch in her rip off Louis Vuitton handbag.

“I was desperate. I never thought I’d say this, but I missed him” said the professor.

Students were in a panic as they realised that without the student, the lesson ran wild.

Tom, a 1st-year student, was unable to get clarification of the lesson

“Without him, we all are forced to sit in horror as everything remains unclear to us. Did she mean two or four? Was the assignment due this Monday or next Monday?”

No word on where Jimmy was, but many suspects he has gone to Hawaii with his 25-year-old Asian girlfriend, funded by the $1 million loan he received from the last remaining bank unaware of his poor financial record.

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