QUT Student Unsuccessful in Convincing Anyone that Botanical Garden is Better than Great Court

One of the staples of UQ is the famed Great Court, known for its sun, free lunches and beautiful scenery. Even sworn enemies of UQ have quietly marvelled at such a place. For students who don’t go to UQ, the sandstone buildings secretly wished your mum had had that affair with the stockbroker when you were 5, instead of staying with your plumber dad.

This, however, isn’t the case for Stephanie. Stephanie is a 2nd year engineering student who is a hardcore supporter of QUT. You can often see Stephanie walking around with her QUT gear, while also starting debates with UQ students about whether the university is really better.

This week, Stephanie has a new focus. She is arguing that despite common belief, QUT does have something equivalent to the Great Court; the Brisbane City Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Gardens is arguably one of the staples of Brisbane tourism, which really gives a clear indication of the poor state of Queensland. Along with the disease-infested Southbank, the twelvie-infested Queen Street Mall and Friday’s, the Botanical Gardens are truly one of the Big 4 of Brisbane.

When asked about it, Stephanie stated the following.

“See here’s the thing. Sure it the Court looks pretty, but it’s impractical. No shade, people walking through you. I mean, look at this place. It screams nature”.

“Sure, there’s constantly people trying to have a quick root, swamp-like water, overgrown trees, Jehova’s Witness stands and water dragons trying to climb up your legs and claw your eyes out, but it’s home”.

This is just another desperate attempt to undermine the aura of UQ. Previous attempts have been trying to argue that QUT’s Law Library is better and that they have the Riverstage. The boldest claim made was that, that despite President Obama giving a speech at UQ, QUT hosted the incredible likes of Pauline Hanson and the Royal Family. Well, the shit Royal Family, not Will and Kate.




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