“Is This Really It?” Asks Disappointed Exchange Student Over Garden Points Size

Mykael (20) an exchange student from Norway was confused about the remarkably minute size of the QUT Gardens Point campus, after having made a trip from the A block Exchange Advisory all the way to the Law Library, in what he described as a ‘short walk’. Denise (21), Mykael’s Australian host family QUT student, had to answer a series of inquiries about the size of the campus, before having to definitively explain to Mykael that ‘no, that’s really all there is to it’.

Denise had to confirm with Mykael that the Botanical Gardens that are adjoined to the campus are in fact property of the Brisbane City Council. Denise also had to correct Mykael’s assumption that Old Government House was a student residency.

Denise described Mykael’s fascination with the underwhelming extent of Gardens Point campus to be a little bit excessive.

“I mean, to be fair, it is a pretty small campus compared to other unis, but I think he was getting a bit dramatic to be honest.”

Mykael went on to compare Gardens Point campus to his university in his home country of Norway, and went into detail about the various facilities that the campus boasted, which received minimal comments of disbelief by Denise, followed by a series of eye-rolls.

“We have a few student accommodations that are as big as your V Block library,” Mykael detailed, “this campus doesn’t even have any sporting facilities.”

After Mykael began to inquire as to why there is another campus for the same university only a few suburbs away at Kelvin Grove, Denise argued that boasting a smaller campus means that it is only a ‘short walk’ (to use his own words) from anywhere on campus to the nationally renowned Botanic Bar to down a few pints of the good stuff.

That seemed to quell Mykael’s inquisition regarding Gardens Point for the moment, but Denise will have to find another argument for when Mykael discovers the unorthodox alphabetic labelling of the campus’ buildings.

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