5 Best Places On Campus to Quietly Have a Mental Breakdown

So you’ve just failed your 5th quiz in a row, and you’re broke. Your life is falling apart and you can’t help but feel your weekends are nothing but you trying to forget the misery of never-ending assessment. Where do you go to cry? Lucky enough for you, we have just the places for you.

5. Garden Theatre Toilets

Everyone loves a bit of culture, don’t they? Well with these toilet blocks, you can bath in all the culture you require while being able to cry over staying up all night to finish an essay. While their, you can check out what shows are coming up. Who knows, maybe if the never-ending heartbreak of university doesn’t come crashing down on you, you might be able to attend. I heard they’re doing a Donald Trump-inspired play. That ticks your interest, doesn’t it?

4. Z Block, Level 9, “Call Room”

Did you know there is a room on Z block designed just for taking phone calls? You didn’t? Well, neither does anyone else really. Decked out with a pretty chair, different phones, and a distance from both the toilets and the elevators, you can cry your little heart out, and no-one will care. It’s like being hugged by wasted QUT funds.

3. Steps of Old Parliment House

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “But isn’t the steps of Old Parliment House really public?” And you’re right about that. But, in the right circumstances, it’s perfect. If there’s ever a large scale protest going on, then you have the perfect opportunity to cry on the steps of the Government House. With students trying their hardest to keep their eyes down, headphones in and avoiding any conversation, you’ll blend right into plain sight.

2. Carpark

There’s no place like home isn’t there?  Well, unfortunately, you’re not home. But your car will do won’t it? With the luxury of being in a comfy seat, while also being hidden from everyone besides the two people next to you, your car is all about Location, Location, Location. 

NOTE: Tinted windows recommended.

1. IT Department

Looking for a quiet, secluded, cold empty room where no-one will disturb you from your emotional breakdown and stress? Well, look no further than the IT department. Considering the wi-fi never connects to phones, the links to Turn-It-In disappear when you need it most, and the consistent shutdown of Blackboard, it is safe to assume the last soul to ever work in the IT department is now nothing but a shrivelled mess of bones and lost memories.

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