Maths Student Struggles to Explain What Exactly They Do

A situation has developed today as a young maths student tries to explain to his friends what exactly his course does?

Alexander (22) was out with friends when the question he fears more than having to wear something fashionable arose.

Alexander’s good friend Joshua simply asked: “What do maths students do?”.

As a frantic Alexander tried to explain that they solve maths equations and attempt to understand concepts not yet discovered, he could sense he was losing Josh. He then tried to pass it off as being “too hard to explain” before dipping back into a quiet persona, something common of a maths student.

It was in this crushing moment that Alexander realised that not only was his course boring but also that outside of a lecture hall, his mathematics degree would get him nowhere in life, other than a potential job at NASA or analysing data for future white collar criminals.

Former maths student, Louise, admitted that even they don’t know what we’re doing.

“Just consider year 12 maths but asked harder, while the teachers dress like John Cena having a mid-life crisis. That’s sort of what you get”.

Alexander later noted that most lectures are spent with students seeing who will be brave enough to dare explain to a lecturer why they’re wrong, or else wait till the lecture loses it about no-one correcting his mistakes.

The irony of the entire situation is perhaps that despite their degree being about solving questions that at this point are yet to have an answer, the greatest unsolved question of our time is whether there is any future in studying maths.

If you ever want to try and contact a maths student, you will find them huddled in the corner of the library, complaining about the assessment items.

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