Stalkerspace-Star Wannabe ‘Calls Out’ Student Using Laptop At a Computer Instead of Asking Them to Leave

Stacey (21) recently posted a zoomed-in photo of another student using their laptop in front of a QUT computer on the popular Facebook group QUT Stalkerspace 2.0, in an effort to claim momentary fame and validation for her existence. The photo featured a passive aggressive caption attempting to relate to the first-world struggles of students finding computers on campus.

The passive aggressive caption entailed the quote, “When you’ve spent forever looking for a computer and you find this” followed by a series of middle-finger emojis.

Several of the initial comments on the post included messages of support and sympathy for the alleged tragedy that had occurred. The equal ratio of the number of sympathetic comments and number of reacts per sympathetic comment indicates a possible collusion between Stacey and her friends before she made the post, in an attempt to gather more attention to it.

This supportive string of comments was followed by a controversial suggestion by generation X, mature-aged student Darren (32), questioning the effectiveness and reason behind the post.

“Why didn’t you just politely ask the person if they could move so you could use the computer?” questioned Darren.

The barrage of reacts to the comment in comparison to the original post (56 reacts to Darren’s comment and 32 reacts for the original post), indicates that Darren has simply spoken what has been on everyone’s minds regarding these kinds of posts. A reply comment of “Because confrontation” was swiftly deleted by Stacey following 10 minutes without receiving any form of validation for the argument through reacts or comments.

We are currently standing by to see if Stacey will admit defeat in this venture, delete the post and follow through on Darren’s advice.

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