Student Finally Admits They Only Do Business Because They’re Not Good Enough To Do Law

A business student has today acknowledge what has long been suspected about business students. Jennifer, a 1st-year student, finally admitted to friends and family that the only reason she does business is because her OP didn’t let her get into law.

While Jennifer continually reminded people that QUT has a “triple-A accredited” business school, only joined by Monash, this was only a front to try and convince people that her marketing degree was what she truly wanted to do.

She was once noted trying to convince people that her marketing degree was her calling. “My love for advertising really sparked when I saw Kendall Jenner change the world with a Pepsi. It inspired me” said an emotional Jennifer. Her love for the business lounge was only matched by her love for the law library.

“Yeah look. I wanted to do Law, but doing Drama and Maths A in high school leaves you with few options” said the 18-year-old Jennifer. “The plan was always simple. Go into a business degree, do enough to transfer, and act like business law and ethics is what inspired me” noted Jennifer.

When asked what happens if she doesn’t get the required GPA, Jennifer just acknowledged that she’d stick with marketing and hope things go well.

“Look, I’ll stick it out and see if I can make a career out of it. How hard can it be after all”

The allegations first arose after Jennifer was caught reading Donoghue v Stevenson in an accounting lecture. The allegations became even stronger after Jennifer was caught trying to study in the law library.

No words yet on whether her GPA is tracking okay, but reportedly a Blackboard mishap at a deadline may have cost her a chance to bump up her otherwise streaky record.



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