BREAKING: Student Receives GYG Order In Under 5 Minutes

Students today were left speechless when Guzman Y Gomez, known for its great food but all-around shit service, prepared and gave out their order in very quick time.

While the general consensus is that the wait for nachos feels longer than a Wednesday night lecture, a packed GYG saw one young lady receive her burrito in approximately 3 minutes. Moments later, another young man received his nacho fries in about 4.

“It was astonishing,” said Benjamin, a regular at the Mexican take-out. “The lady even smiled at me…I’ve never seen her smile. I didn’t know she could smile”.

For several students, this was a welcome change as it meant that they didn’t have to sprint from the food court to their next lecture, but instead, could enjoy their “authentic” Mexican meal. For some, however, this sudden speed meant that they anxiously had to balance getting a boost and receiving food.

Emily, a food-court veteran, stated her usual strategy. “You go in, you buy the GYG. Once the order is done, head over to Boost and get the drink. You have about a 5-minute wait on the boost, but this gives you time to have slow sips while you wait for the food”. However, that plan was thrown into chaos when, as she was ordering her boost, the loud call for “number 153” burst out through the area. With little to do, Emily was forced to leap over the barricade, and sprint for the food. Sadly, in the process, she took out several kids on a school trip.

No word yet on whether this is a one-time thing or will become something of a habit. Students have claimed that it’s a welcome change, and hope that it doesn’t diminish the quality of the always highly-luxurious food.

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