Lecturer Attains ‘Legend’ Status After Confirming You Won’t Need the $150 Prescribed Textbook

An entire lecture theatre of LLB344 students expressed silent relief after their lecturer confirmed during their Week 1 lecture that the subject’s prescribed textbook would not be required to complete the unit. Being one of the only few reasons the students attended the lecture, including deciphering the overly ambiguous assessment descriptions on Blackboard as well as getting the lecturer’s actual name for when they submit them on Turnitin, the cohort felt satisfaction unheard of in other subjects.

Many students felt a sense of unease when confronted by the $150 prescribed textbook when they browsed the Blackboard description of their subject before the semester began.

“Not gonna lie, I was shitting bricks in O-Week” confirms third-year law student, Adam (21), “especially coming off of last semester’s booklist of Const, Equity, Real Prop and Crim.”

The entire spectrum of students benefited from this announcement. Die-hard, GPA perfectionists, who consider dropping a unit if currently sitting on a 6 after two assessment pieces, breathed a little easier knowing they wouldn’t have to pay even more for their education. The breezy, ‘no-fucks-given’ portion of the cohort who weren’t going to buy the textbook anyway were pleased to have the opportunity to actually obtain a high grade.

The good news solidified the lecturer’s ascension to ‘legend’ status, all but confirming an unanimous appraisal from all the participants of the end-of-semester feedback survey.

Others who are less inclined to express support through university channels will no doubt do so when giving their mates advice about cruisey electives to pick to finish their degree, and might even post a cheeky meme on Stalkerspace in honour of the lecturer.

Amidst the praise of the lecturer’s disregard for the prescribed textbook, many students questioned if the lecturer was aware that they have just guaranteed absolutely no attendance for the semester’s lectures (with exception to the one where they answer questions about the final exam). The void of time that would’ve been spent perilously reading through chapters of text would now be filled by time spent behind the computer, watching the lecture online on Echo360.


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