Student Forced to Talk to Activists After Forgetting to Pull Phone Out of Bag

A student today was forced to speak to activists outside QUT this morning after failing to pull their phone out of their bag.

Mikayla (19), was confronted with the Palestinian activists behind the Goodwill Bridge. As she approached them, she came to the shocking realisation that she would not have time to pull her phone out of her bag and pretend to be on a phone call.

“I was panicking. The go to technique is the old “on the phone” trick. But my phone was in my bag.”

Sensing the opportunity, non-Palestinian, unemployed Rico, dressed in slacks, t-shirt and thongs, launched into a conversation with the vulnerable student.

“Would you like to sign this petition to help Palestine” Rico said through reports by Mikayla. When she attempted to decline, Rico reportedly asked whether she was an Israel loving Xenophobe.

“Seriously, how do you respond to that?”

With no other option, Mikayla was forced to listen to the 50+ year history of the Israel and Palestine problem condensed into a 5 minute conversation.

Nearby students however have hailed Mikayla a hero. David (20) stated “she took one for the team. You the real MVP”.

Mikayla commented that this was a learning experience for her. Reports state she intends to buy headphones and to always have her phone in her hands.

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