Student In A State of Despair After Losing Only Pen They Own

A student today has been left in an absolute state of despair after realizing the only pen they own has disappeared. Showing up to their engineer class, Jackson was in shock to find that his trusty multi-click BIC pen was nowhere to be found.

This is the latest blow in the indefinite shrinkage of stationary for the student. At the start of the semester, Jackson boasted a bag of 4 pens, one pencil, eraser and a ruler. Despite his optimism, and assuring his friends, “I’m already prepared for exams”, his friends weren’t buying it.

Tiffany, an advocate for use of only one pen, knew this would happen. “Every semester, some naive soul believes they will keep their stationary”. When asked when she lost hers, she said “week 2. I’m pretty much keeping Officeworks in operation”

Without the pen, Jackson was forced to continue his notes on his laptop. His borderline OCD and preference of continuity made this one of his toughest challenges in recent memories.

Jackson has reportedly gone back to Officeworks to top up his supply, yet left the store with the same naive sense of optimism and promising he will “look after them better”


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