Students Feel Better About Themselves After Not Failing EGB111 Arts and Craft Assignment

Students across campus today breathed a sigh of relief when they remembered that they didn’t do engineering. This came after multiple students commented in Stalkerspace that they fucked up their truss.

Bethany, a second-year law student, found herself scrolling through Facebook today while many students proceeded to smash their assignment against a wall. This, seemingly placed a smile on Bethany’s face, who although was absolutely shitfaced and was not in the slightest prepare for her exams, reminded her that it could indeed be worst.

What started as a single video quickly became a trend of students in EGB111 uniting over a common hatred of a subject. While many students failed to understand how making arts and craft from popsicle sticks and toilet roles was considered an assignment, they too were quickly uniting over the confusion of what exactly was going on for these students.

However, what was more shocking to many was that many women were indeed in an engineering class, contrary to popular belief.

This disaster of an assignment is reportedly the most heartbreaking moment since UQ declined their maths scholarship

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