17 Year Old Student Trying to Convince Friends He Is Still Cool, Despite Being Underage

The culture of uni has for the longest time, centered around drinking. Between Retros and the Botanic Bar, you can find most fun students at one of the two from Thursday to Sunday. Unfortunately for Ryan, his age has prevented him from enjoying the two.

Turns out, Ryan is only 17 and doesn’t turn 18 until late October. This, however, hasn’t stopped him from convincing his mates that he’s still loads of fun.

“Do we really need to drink? Let’s just go out for dinner somewhere” says Ryan. However, many of his friends have commented that Ryan’s comments contradict his actions at a party. Lucy, his 18-year-old friend commented that at her 18th, Ryan seemed to be drunk, despite only drinking a quarter of a Little Fat Lamb.

Trying to convince his friends that the only thing stopping him from getting “fucked up” is his age, Ryan attempted to talk about how lit clubbing will be, as well as how wasted he’ll get at his birthday. His friends nodded, despite knowing that he has spent most parties in the corner eating chips.

Another source has confirmed that on the nights where the group of friends go out without Ryan, they can expect an influx of Snapchats where Ryan will be listening to xxxTenacion, with the caption “wish I was there 😭”

Ryan has told the Stumpy Herald that he will be a party animal, and will totally not spend Friday nights watching movies on Netflix. He has even planned to go out clubbing on his 18th, but will require his friends support cause he’ll be “like, so gone”

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