“How Them Firebirds Going?” Asks Defeated Queensland Sporting Tragic

In the midst of a tragic loss to the Blues in State of Origin, sports enthusiast across the sunshine state have been left scrambling for any sport to get behind. With the Lions and Suns failing to remember what a footy is, only one NRL team in the 8 and Reds becoming practice dummies for other Super Rugby teams, only one avenue remains: the Queensland Firebirds.

Sitting second on the Suncorp Super Netball ladder, fans across the state have resigned to the fact that netball is about to become Queensland’s only dominant sport. With the cricket and football seasons over, die-hard sports fans have been searching desperately for a sport that won’t embarrass the state.

For many fans, their once denial of realizing that the women are more successful than they will ever be have been put on hold temporarily. As one fan said “shit, they actually can play”. With actual respect for the game now, the state has begun backing the women in purple, as without it, Queensland has nothing else.

Despite not knowing anything, fans are adamant that this is “their year”. Some even revealed that they failed to realize that the Bullets and the Firebirds are separate entities.

“Shhh it’s a bit rough around the edges, but the boys…I mean the girls have got this” said local tavern goer, Greg. In addition to the sudden support, Google searches have been going wild, as the question “what is a “replay”?” has increased in searches by 120%

This has proven to be a big step for Netball Queensland. Netball legend Laura Geitz released a statement saying “it’s an honor to be noted than more than just “that sport my daughter plays”.

Reports have stated that the NSW Swifts have already accused the Firebirds of bringing in “Queenslanders” from Victoria to play for the team.


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