Baby Boomer Running Out of Things to Blame on Millenials After Realising Uni Isn’t Free Anymore

Baby boomer Maggie has been left with an empty hole in her heart after her grandkids, Simon and Tracy, finally made her realize that university is no longer free. Although Maggie was adamant on the issue, claiming that “kids have free university, they have no excuse for not attending university”.

Simon was quick to point out that Maggie had worked her life at the local Department of Transport, and had no tertiary education.

“You had free university, yet you didn’t attend” Tracy noted.

Since this discovery, Maggie has been searching for a reason to take a dig at millennials. Although Maggie grew up in an era with cheap housing, free university, less pollution and more money (even after inflation), she is adamant that children these days have harder.

Maggie used to claim that her generation lived in constant fear of a nuclear war between the USSR and the United States. However, she could no longer make that claim once Kim Jong-Un became trigger happy. She also then tried to hand off the blame of a dying planet to her grandkids, but they again noted that it was her generation that, quote. “fucked it up”.

“Sure, I could just live a happy life. But it’s in my blood to give kids who didn’t do anything wrong shit for no other reason” said Maggie, sipping on her 95% water tea.

With nothing else, Maggie has her sights set on immigration. Speaking to her friends Wendy and Sharon, she noted that “if those immigrants just sucked it up, things would be a lot easier”. When quizzed on whether or not that’s fair as intervention by countries of her generation made the conditions worst, Maggie blamed it on “the bias left wing media”.

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