Student Who Was Arrogantly Certain He’d Get a 7, Suddenly Very Quiet

With semester one results coming out, many students have been celebrating, while others have come to the realisation that shit got real during semester 1.

For a group of business students, they are all shocked at the sudden silence from Dave (19).

Reports state that during the semester, Dave bravely noted that he’d “get 7’s easy as bruh”, while kicking back on the desk and downing his 3rs Boost protein shake of the day. Reports also state that Dave’s strategy to just read the slides and textbook was “fucking stupid”, according to friends.

“Oh this assignment is a piece of piss. I have a brother who did this course like 4 years ago” he noted in the middle of the semester. When several students tried to explain that’s not how it works, Dave brushed it off.

In a group chat today, Jessie asked how everyone went. A quiet Dave snapped back “don’t you know it’s rude to ask people that?”.

“What the hell is his problem?” commented Noah privately. “Like wasn’t he the one who used to ask if we got 7’s after every piece of assessment?”.

Another friend Sarah, stated that maybe he just was too busy on his “soul searching” in Bali.

“Soul searching? Mother fucker he’s just surfing and drinking”.

Another friend though, Tom, took no issue to potential poor marks for Dave.

“You want to know the amount of times he’s reminded us that he can just get a job with his uncle’s succesful law firm?”

Dave has since then taken to Stalkerspace to desperately ask how he can get an extra 2%. Sources close to us say that Dave also trashed the QUT grading system, and is considering writing a strongly worded letter to the Vice-Chancelor.

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