Lecturer Leaves Lecture on Cliff-Hanger by Not Revealing Whether the Textbook is Required

A lecturer has today left students on edge by not revealing whether the $200 textbooks are truly required for the semesters work. Rather, he has revealed that he will discuss the important information next week once everyone settles in.

Students were pissed, according to everyone.

“Fuck me. I stayed sober last night. I got up at 6:30. I even spent $18 on coffee this morning just so I can get here. This little bastard has taken more from me than he will ever know” said Jade.

Students were optimistic about the lecture when it was revealed that there were 2 assignments, and one end of year exam. However, as the two hour lecture progressed, tensions rose.

Another student, Michael, noted “At the 10-minute mark, everything was chill. At the 30 minute, I was getting a little nervous. But once it hit the 1 hour and 30 minute mark, we were collectively shitting ourselves.”

“When he concluded the lecture, we all sat there in shock,” Michael said.

Outraged students have said that they feel betrayed. As many know, it is a long-running tradition that lecturers give the important information in week 1, and then everyone goes there merry way.

Yet, today, that sacred bond that QUT was built on had been broken.

Students have hired renowned shit-stirrer and anti-authority figure, Joseph Mizi, to take the case to the QUT Vice-Chancellor. This comes after his tremendous success in forgetting that he also has rules apply to him.

Sources say the lecturer did this in retaliation for knowing full well he’ll never see half these students again. Others say he was seen snickering while drinking the tears of students.

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