Noah Likely to Be Replaced by White Comedian Who Has Probably Once Tweeted the N-Word

Trevor Noah is in hot-water after a clip has resurfaced of the South African comedian making fun of the looks of Aboriginal women. Many have claimed his comments to be racist against Indigenous women, prompting outrage and calls to boycott his show.

In response to this, reports are coming in that Comedy Central is planning on axing Noah from his show, The Daily Show, following the controversy. As for his replacement, Comedy Central is already looking at multiple comedians to replace him.

Showing that they care about diversity, women’s rights and are against racism, Comedy Central has already shortlisted 10 white comedians who would be perfect to replace a South African immigrant.

Todd William, the head of the Cultural Diversity Department, has given a shortlist of names.

“Originally, on our list of backups included Louis CK at number 1, however, his recent revelations have meant that he won’t be getting his own show for at least another 9 months”.

“We are committed to standing against racism and offensive materials, despite the fact that we air South Park, Tosh.O, and the Jeselnik Offensive”.

In addition, Comedy Central announced that they would start screening their potential hosts more diligently, with processes such as working with female writers, and seeing whether they support Israel or Palestine.

When asked whether they have considered promoting Michelle Wolfe to host, Williams responded “Why? We have the Amy Schumer Show. What more do you want from us?”

Included in the list are David Cross, Doug Stanthorpe, and front-runner, former Seinfeld star, Michael Richards.

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