Lecturer With “Sent From iPhone” on Bottom of Email Proves They Give Less of A Fuck Than You

A lecturer today has proven to his students that he too could not give a shit about the upcoming semester. This revelation was revealed when, in a response to yet another stupid query on “advice for the upcoming semester”, the Professor Moore concluded the email with:

“Regards, Tim

Sent from iPhone”

Though often speculated, students and fellow faculty alike had never received proof that the lecturer was at that point in the semester already. However, today’s email showed that his holiday in Barbados with his wife that is 20 years younger is now a distant, but haunting memory.

In addition, the email was alive with carelessness and clear lack of interest in stupid queries from over-eager students.

“I wrote this email like a Shakespearean play. Half these words I don’t even know what they mean but they sound fancy” noted student, Amy. “I’m not sure if I was asking for help on the slides or sending a love poem inspired by George Orwell. That was the level of effort I put into crafting that email”.

Amy has commented that she was shocked by the response.

“His email was shorter than my first sentence. And he didn’t even start with a ‘Hey’”

Many students have noted the double standard, considering the level of severity indicated if a poor student were to even dare to for a moment write anything less than the most formal language ever invented by a student.

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