Socialists Alternative Really Hoping You Forget About Situation in Venezuaela

Members of the left wing, socialist group, the Socialist Alternative, have tried to boost their political movement. Aided by a copy of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto, and a Bernie Sanders cut-out, they have attempted to convince students that they know best about one of the most complex political issues of all time. In the midsts of an active campaign to recruit students to the groupmany group members have been reminded of one small issue: Venezuela.

After spending hours on trying to think of vital rebuttal points were this to be raised, the group were lost on a solution. Instead, to combat this, members of SA are really hoping you sort of just forget about the entire thing. Like, please.

Venezuela’ corruption accusations, as well as brutality and potential of rigged elections,  has to lead many to claim that socialism doesn’t work. This, backed by economic theory, historical studies and understanding of society, have all lead many to call bullshit on the socialist approach.

“Well what you’ve failed to realize is that every country who’s ever used it has done it all wrong” said one member of the Socialists Alternative.

When asked about the current situation in Venezueala, a brace member simply claimed that “you wouldn’t understand the complex issues that’s happening there”.

The movement, suprisingly led by no-one with any economic expertise and rather by a bunch of creative industry students who think they’re helping, has picked up steam a QUT. Many students have responded to the group with an array of questions such as “who the fuck are you?” and “If I just give you my credit card will you leave me alone?”


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