Lecturer Quits Day Job to Pursue Comedy After Getting A Laugh From Students

A lecturer of a science subject has today handed in his resignation after receiving several snickers from his joke in yesterday’s lecture.

Telling the Stumpy Herald, Professor Morgan Nutrone stated that “People always tell me to not quit my day job. Well, today is the day that I prove them wrong”

Students in the audience had mixed feelings about the joke. Reports state that Professor Nutrone said that “he would tell a chemistry joke but all the good ones Argon”. Reportedly, a group of students up the back laughed, while dispersed chuckles were heard around the hall.

“It’s not even funny,” said one student. “He got that off a fucking science cat meme,” said Adrian, a clearly fed up student who has accepted he’ll never get into Pre-Med. Another student, Amy, stated “Look, it wasn’t even funny. I just needed good marks”.

Many students have agreed that this is one of his better moments. This includes the time he said “don’t use the bunsen burner after eating Mexican” or that the “periodic table can be moody once a month”.

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