Socialist Alternative Wondering If Drought Can Count as a “Woke” Moment

The Socialist Alternative have today been on a search to discover whether or not the situation in central Queensland and further reaches of Australia can be considered a “woke” moment.

One activist, Brendan, who studies creative writing and architecture, has been noted as being “#Woke”.

In one Instagram post, Brendan can be seen with a child from Papua New Guinea with the caption;

“The big industries are lying to you. The more you give Starbucks, the more you take away from these poor children across the sea”.

However, Brendan is currently in a worrying position. With a large portion of Australia in drought, he is trying to figure whether out this can be yet another “woke” moment for him.

Speaking to Brendan, he noted to us saying:

“Obviously it’s a serious social issue, and we should all be concerned. But if the majority of people know about the tragedy happening, is everyone woke”.

The Socialist Alternative held a meeting today to figure out whether or not they should campaign for the bettering of farmers. After days of scribbling Hitler moustaches on pictures of Peter Dutton, as well as throwing windows through Liberal offices, they believe this would be a nice change for them.

However, upon further deliberation, another issue arose. One member pointed out that Fraser Anning, a controversial figure, was backed by Bob Katter. Bob Katter in turn, is often backed by farmers.

“I mean, you know us. We’re inclusive. However, a lot of the farmers support Bob Katter. Like, a lot. It’s like if cis-white male meets redneck out there.”


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