“How Good Are Jacarandas?” Asks True Blue Queenslander Mate

A situation has developed across town with one group of mates reminding the group that the jacarandas are beautiful trees. With a XXXX in hand, Dave reportedly stared blankly into the distance of the RE, thinking about life in general.

“Jacarandas though. How good are they?” asked a teary eye, Dave, while reminiscing about the 8 straight State of Origin victories.

Dave’s love of jacarandas can compete only with his love for the Brown Snake.

“Look at her. Shes beautiful” Dave exclaimed. “You’ll never see a greater combo of oil, debris and borderline toxis water all in one place”.

Reports indicate that Dave later got into a confrontation with a New South Welshman after the latter claimed “waratahs are the shit”.

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