Students Who Support Momentum Party Certainly Backed By Labor, Shocked at Liberal Party Affiliation of Focus

Students today have been left in disgust as right-wing uni party, Focus, has been discovered to reportedly be backed by Liberal. Many students are mad, as they claim the Labor governments involvement is totally different.

An anonymous source from Momentum noted “Hey, Labor is only giving us money so that out left-wing views can be heard loud and clear over those bigots on the right”

Speaking in a Momentum shirt outside of the Law Library, Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten calmly explained. “This is disgraceful. This does not represent students. Other than paying for all their amenities, getting rid of HECS, providing free medical expenses on campus, allowing abortion sites, protection of the LGBTQI+ communities, free jobs after university and cheaper public transport, students want the government to stay out of their politics.”

Focus was exposed last night after reports that the chant “Fuck lefties” broke out at the party. A disgruntled non-Focus member talks to Stalkerspace to share their grievances.

Focus has since apologized for not being transparent and has promised to be more open with its political compass. Reports state that the new drafted Manifesto will just read “Trickle down economics” next to a photo of Rupert Murdoch and Ronald Reagan.

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