Sportsbet to Allow Punters to Place Bets on First Horse Killed From Melbourne Cup

In an effort to be the leaders in Australian punting, Sportsbet has taken its services to an all new level.

Today, Sportsbet CEO Barni Evans announced that punters can now place bets on which horse will be killed after an injury in today’s Melbourne Cup. “It’s truly the epitome of the Melbourne Cup and we want to give Australians the chance to profit from animal abuse like never before”.

“Australians will bet on anything. We accommodate everything from the dresses, to the news to the races. Now though, we take you even further behind the scenes and give you even more chances to win”

“Everyone is a winner,” said Mr. Evans “well, except the horses”.

The Melbourne Cup has recently been a controversial event, despite its immense popularity. This is due to horses being worked to death or forced to being euthanized. Many have called for the boycott of the event and for better care about horses.

However, the problem Sportsbet faced was that their website crashed. In a statement, Barni Evans said; “Just like the future of these horses, we are down and we’re not sure the damage”.

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