GPS Student Not Ready to Accept He Won’t Go To UQ

With the 2018 high school year concluding, graduates have started to assess their futures in uni. After finally recovering from alcohol poisoning and 3AM tattoos, schoolies is in the past and now, the future must be faced.

Many students are keen to see what their future will bring. All, except for Tom, who is shitting himself at potentially not going to the breeding ground of privilege, UQ. Despite scoring high on his legal studies exam, Tom is afraid that he will not get into his desired uni.

After being a third generation BBC student, going to any other university would essentially erase him from his fathers will. Not knowing how to break it to his father, Tom has decided to wait until after their family trip to Fiji.

“I took all the necessary steps,” said the 17-year-old student. “I joined the debating team, did mooting. Fuck, I even went to Africa to build houses.”

Wanting to do law, Tom dreamt of the sandstone buildings ever since he was born with the silver spoon in his mouth. For him, it means everything.

“QUT? I mean what the fuck is a QUT? I might as well attend a TAFE…whatever that is” Tom cried holding back a tear in his eye.

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