Melbourne Hipsters Flood to Brisbane to Try New Lime Scooters

In the wake of the new Lime scooters being released in Brisbane, there has been a mixed reaction about the recreational objects. Filling the already congested streets of Brisbane, the electric scooters have become a meme within the local area. After the tremendous success of the dust collecting Lipton Ice Tea bikes, the Brisbane City Council decided that Lime scooters would be their next innovative idea.

Since then, hipsters from Melbourne have flooded to Brisbane in order to try the brand new scooters, claiming that this is “the future”. With their renewable energy and lack of mainstream attention, it seems that the traditionally conservative Brisbane is turning into the Greens party next conference destination.

One of these hipsters, Davyd, stated that Brisbane is starting to turn into a hipsters paradise. With more brunch places and Lime scooters, Davyd claims that the heat and general lack of culture in Brisbane can be overlooked.

“I mean it’s just such a new thing ya know man,” said Davyd. “Like, you Brisbanians are catching up with the times and I think that’s like…so cool” he explained. He then proceeded to ride away jamming out to urban rock while wearing skinny jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt.

In the short time that they have existed, Brisbane residents have been left shocked as to how to describe them. Not sure whether they are a practical joke or a legitimate idea by the Quirk council. In a statement, the Lord Mayor explained that it was “tight” and that “kids could be groovy with it”.

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