Guild President Bravely Re-Introduces “Epic” Into His Vocabulary

After several months of campaigning and subsequent hand over of the QUT Guild, Guild President Vinnie Batten has had tremendous success in the back half of the year. However, today the Guild President may have seen his greatest achievement.

After a notable campaign against former Guild party, EPIC,  Vinnie Batten had vowed to never utter the word EPIC. He even went as far as moving E, I, C, P keys from keyboards, and burning blue shirts. In fact, any mention of the word by any of the new Guild would result in the executives being forced to carry all new office equipment up the KG hill.

However, after many weeks and numerous long nights, Vinnie today announced that he had put this problem behind him. Sending out a message to his friends, Vinnie reportedly used the word “epic”, casually in a sentence.

For his friends, concern was immediately raised. Close friends of Vinnie told him to text a carrot emoji if he was in danger. However, to their surprise, Mr. Batten explained to his friends that he was willing to move on and not let the past get hold him down.

On the opposing side, former presidential candidate Larrissa has thrown out all orange shirts. This task turned out to be fairly easy considering the only shirts she owned were EPIC t-shirts.

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