Christmas Dinner Halted to Decide Course of Action About Nan’s Racist Comment

Christmas dinners are a key staple of Australian summer lifestyle. Wearing thongs while playing backyard cricket, smashing tinnies till your uncle gets too comfortable with the word “fuck” and most importantly, getting third-degree sunburn inside.

However, today a family had to deal with a more infamous tradition, when 87-year-old Gladys Miller, blurted out her “opinions” on Muslims and immigrants.

At first, the family agreed to laugh it off, hoping that the awkward laugh would give some indication of their general feeling towards such comments. However, grandma insisted, prefacing her followup comment as “Nah, I’m serious”.

In a mad rush, Gladys’ son Neil tried to divert attention to asking if anyone wanted more beers, but Gladys was not having it. Refusing to be ignored, she again stated her issues with Muslims, and said that Dutton “would be PM if it weren’t for these snowflakes”.

At this point, the family knew that the only option they had was to let grandma say what she needed to say and then just let things slide, or possibly call her out on it. For the next several minutes, the Miller family were forced to listen to grandma say some outdated views that, as she quotes, “the media won’t tell you any more”.

The family had previously considered whether or not to actually invite her to this Christmas dinner but decided that her sticky date pudding was enough to keep her around for at least one more year.

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