Law Students Commencing in 2019 Rush to Purchase RM Williams Boots and Shirt

In the past and coming weeks, many 2018 high school leavers will find out whether they will be making daddy proud, or if they will be resigned to the torture of being a CI student. For one company, they are aware of the impending profit they are about to make off of a certain demographic of egotistical yes boys.

That company is RM Williams, who are preparing for a flood of recent high school graduates who will be racing to purchase the official uniform of a law student. While they are already well adapted at wearing chinos, posing with a Great Northern on Instagram isn’t complete without the leather souls of Mt. Olympus.

Already on the lookout for great careers, these students have started to become more involved in US politics. Having seen the shutdown of the US Congress, many have not been shy in giving their opinions on the matter.

Law students have for a long time had a significant stigma attached to their name, being known for their snobbiness and need to mention that they are a lawyer. Many of these young students already have changed their Facebook status to “Studying Law”. For those students who weren’t good enough at school, or who’s dad wasn’t tennis partners with the vice-chancellor, they will be forced to complete a business course.

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