Trump Accepts Nigerian Princes Email Offer to Fund Border Wall

The US government shutdown has reached its third week after President Trump failed to secure funding for his Mexican border wall. With Democrats not budging, Trump was in desperate need of a way to finance the wall. Luckily for him, in the midst of a highly controversial government shutdown, President Trump has received incredible news.

While reading highly classified emails about state secrets off of his Gmail account, Trump found an email from a royal member in Nigeria. The crown prince of Nigeria offered President Trump $20 billion if the President gave Trump his bank details.

“You know I always the people of Nigeria were great people,” said President Trump. “The best. I said to the Prince, his name was like Maba or T’Challa or something. I said ‘thank you, the American people will thank you forever'”.

President Trump later took to Twitter to announce the great news. However, an additional ‘g’ in a certain word led to an unfortunate incident that even Fox News was unable to defend

The president’s son, Eric Trump, also had a great day, after finding out that there were sexy ladies in the area. Although at first, he believed it was a hoax, Eric Trump jumped at the chance when he realized that the Russian women may be able to help him escape the country.

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