Tinder Girl Shocked to Discover She Can Have Both a Good Time and a Long Time

It is the age-old saying, passed on from generation to generation. “Here for a good time, not a long time” is one of the most classic quotes on Tinder. However, today a groundbreaking discovery was made that has shaken the foundations of the popular “dating” app.
Brenda, aged 22, discovered today that having a good time is in fact not mutually exclusive with living for a long period of time. Unaware of how long this had been a thing, Brenda immediately was forced to re-evaluate her entire lifestyle choice.
“For the longest time I thought that if I wanted to live a long, healthy life, I had to do boring shit like do taxes and read. But it turns out, I can have fun and live till I’m old…like 35 or something”.
While Brenda has made the breakthrough discovery, her friends are still more skeptical.
One friend, Jess, explained that this is not the first time that she has made such wild accusations.
“Brenda always gets these ideas in her head. She also seems to believe that smashing down half a bottle of vodka and tequila in an hour might be the source of being sick. Please, we all know I’m getting my drink spiked, even when I’m just with friends at home”.
Brenda’s now updated bio reportedly has gotten fewer matches, as she fears many guys are afraid of committing past the age of 30. A representative for every man ever is yet to comment.

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