52 Year Old Customer Achieves Alpha Status After Yelling at 14 Year Old Maccas Worker

At a local McDonalds today, a middle-aged man has officially reached the level of “alpha male” after abusing a young 14 year old after a mistaken order.

The situation intensified over several minutes. The first source of tension was when Peter, aged 52, was told he would have to pay an extra dollar for bacon. After demanding the child changes the decision of an international company, Peter was not prepared to stop there.

Upon not getting bacon on his burger in the middle of a lunch rush that was clearly affecting efficiency, Peter decided now was the time to step up. Having prepared for this moment for his entire life, the unemployed man stepped forward and bravely called the young grade 9 student a “stupid bitch”.

“He’s right,” said Samantha. “I am so stupid for not getting his order right”. The young lady, who only earns $14 an hour, sincerely apologized and applauded his bravery.

We tried reaching out to Peter on Facebook, but could not figure out which dog profile picture was his. However, we were forwarded his Facebook profile in which he claimed that children these days have “no work ethic”.

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