Student at Boosts Examines Menu Even Though They Haven’t Changed Their Order in 10 Years

A young student at Boost Juice has today tried to play the ultimate game of trickery. Before placing her order, maths student Jane decided she would take some time to examine the menu board. This was in spite of the fact that her choice of drink has never, and probably will never, change.

For several seconds, Jane had considered changing things up. While she is familiar with the soothing taste of Berry Crush, a frenzied Jane briefly opted to try the vastly different All Berry Bang.

However, just before her foolishness could come to fruition, she sensibly returned to her all-time favourite in Berry Crush.

When asked about the moment, Jane told Stumpy;

“It was an exhilarating moment for me. I could have climbed Everest. Swam with Great Whites. Nothing could have stopped me.”

However, pressing for further comment, the following was added.

“But then I realised that this drink is half a shift and I’ve got a lecture soon. I can’t be crying into a drink I do not like”.

Jane’s boyfriend of three years said that this moment has rocked their relationship.

“If she can’t even be loyal to a Boost Juice, what fucking chance do I have?”

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