Australian Cricket Team Terrified They’ll Actually Have to Try For Once

News has rocked the Australian sporting world upon confirmation that Australian icon and true-blue hero Steven Peter Devereux Smith is out for the 3rd Ashes test in England.

While fans are disappointed in the result, even more, concerned is the Australian squad, who can no longer rely on a middle-order tonne from their captain to get them across the line. Now, the team made up of 9 people not named Steven Peter Devereux Smith and one Nathan Lyon, are expected to give 110%.

Upon hearing the news, captain Tim Paine called a team meeting and proposed a radical plan. The keeper suggested that the team all have simulated games, hit the ball around and play games that develop skills that can be translated to a game. However, coach Justin Langer shocked the team that this was what their trainings were meant to be for.

Reporters asked multiple players for comments. Surprisingly, both Khawaja and Warner made statements. Nothing they said was actually suprising, but most Australians forgot that they are actually apart of the squad. 

Doctors and team officials have considered still letting Smith take the field as even with a concussion, he still would probably be Australia’s leading scorer.


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