Bartender Realises She’s Fucked Up When Patron Asks If She’s Single

A local bartender today has realised that she has perhaps gone too far with her attempts at a tip when a young man asked “if she was single”.

Law student Sarah, who works at a local bar on the side to make ends meet, was enjoying her regular Sunday night crowd.

“I could see him awkwardly waiting at the bar” said the young lady. “I took his order, he cracked a fucking awful joke, but I laughed anyway cause…well tips”.

Quickly though, Sarah realised that the young man had no clue of any social cues or etiquette. Instead of joining his mates back on the dance floor, the potential engineering student continued to chat her up.

“It was innocent at first” she noted. “But she soon realised where the convo was going”.

Luckily, a co-worker stepped in to avoid the woman getting both no tip, and stalked.

Sources close to the man suggest that he has since labelled the girl “fucking ugly anyway”, a common response from the incel community.

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