Asshole in Library Unaware Headphones Are a Thing

Reports are coming out of the QUT library today that one asshole student is blissfully unaware that headphones are an invention that has been invented.

While surrounding students trying to study for final exams are hoping that the asshole gets the general vibe soon enough, an hour has passed and they are yet to shut the fuck up.

“I’d be okay if it was some good music’ noted a nearby student “But after their 5th straight reggae-metal song, I realised that life was meaningless”.

While it has reached the point that talking to the asshole is an acceptable path, social anxiety and fear of confrontation has led every student to remain silent, praying someone else will do it.

One brave student chose to do something about the incident. In a post to Stalkerspace, the student asked the student to shut up, without showing photographic evidence or any indication of the person.

Some students, however, have chosen to look at the optimistic side.

“It could be worse,” one 3rd year student said. “It could be some loud, bratty Kelvin Grove kid with his batshit crazy friends taking up an entire desk to discuss whether or not Tracey would kiss them”.

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