REPORT: ScoMo Refuses to Help Stop Fires Until the Engadine Maccas Burns Down

A shocking report has surfaced today that has alleged that Australian Prime Minister, Scott “Balls deep in coal” Morrison has one reason as to why he refuses to help stop the fires.

Although there is no way to confirm the story, the entire country is 99.99% sure that the current PM shit himself after watching a Cronulla game.

A whistleblower has emerged saying that Scott Morrison is secretly hoping that these fires will burn down the infamous Engadine McDonalds, which is reportedly the site of Scott Morrison shitting himself.

Ironically, this week is now the second time the Prime Minister has seen an accident of the fecal kind. Despite calls from anyone with a TV or radio asking for the leader of the country that is on fucking fire to do something, Scott Morrison has simply shit the bed.

Elsewhere, the Greens have agreed to reduce the power they hold in parliament after it was discovered this week that 1 sitting federal MP in the Greens has power equivalent to 80 MP’s.


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