2032 Olympics to Introduce Running Away from a Bushfire as an Event

With the announcement that Queensland would bid for the 2032 Olympic Games, the committee planning the bid have announced an exciting new event.

With the increased bushfires, and the expectation that these fires will come back every fucking year due to an incompetent government, the event will introduce a brand new race.

For the first time ever, participants will attempt to outrun the fire sweeping the state.

In a move that symbolises the Australian and Queensland spirit, the winner will not receive prize money or a gold medal, but rather, will win a lifetimes supply of “thoughts and prayers”.

Premier Anastacia Palazcuck is reportedly excited to participate in the event. Her training has included running away from her responsibilities.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backed the event, stating that the Olympics will be a good chance to distract the public from the other things he fucked up.

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