Scott Morrison Attempting to Get on Santa’s Naughty List to Get Coal

In the previous months (and years depending on who you ask), Australian Prime Minister and McDonald’s enthusiast has continued to misbehave. From backstabbing his so-called friend to lying, to even refusing to not share his toys with people who need it, ScoMo has been very naughty.

While children usually are scared to be on Santa’s naughty list, the Prime Minister is actually quite excited. By being on the naughty list, that means Scott Morrison gets his number one item; coal.

“Ever since my best friend stole all the coal from me and used it to not pay his friends, I’ve not had coal,” said the Prime Minister during playtime.

“At first I thought it be really easy, but turns out people are really easy to forgive the bad stuff I’ve done. Even when I screwed over farmers”.

However, one problem that Morrison did not account for was Santa’s support. With the North Pole implementing a minimum wage, Santa is hoping that Scott Morrison’s union-busting bill will let him screw over his elf employees.

“If ScoMo can help me out and get the elves of my back, I will give him the most precious gift of all; a country without media criticism.” said jolly old St. Nick

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