Australians Apparently Cool with Indigenous People As Long As They Win Their Team An NRL Premiership

With Australians suddenly okay with being racist in this country, not much these days provides unity between white Australians and the First Nations people. However, a recent Facebook study has found that if you’re a gun Indigenous rugby player, then Pauline Hanson voters are cool with you.

The study found that players such as Jonathan Thurston, Greg Inglis and Greg Bird would not be racially profiled or abused by a white bloke if they saw them in the streets.

However, the study did find that this could change. Head researcher, Jillian Frey, spoke to Stumpy.

“Turns out, the moment you point out how Australians treat Indigenous people, they’ll turn on you faster than you can say “Hey please don’t bash me”.

Jillian pointed to examples such as Adam Goodes in the AFL, where although he is one of the greatest players to ever play, he absolutely crossed a line by pointing out that he was indeed, an Aboriginal.

The NRL was quick to respond, stating that they support all players, even the drug dealers and rapists.

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