Donald Trump Attempts to Prove He’s Got the Best Health by Kissing Coronavirus Victim

With the coronavirus taking over the world, politicians and doctors continue to monitor the situation to ensure the necessary steps are being followed.  However, not wanting to pass up the opportunity to show off his incredible health, President Trump tweeted a video of himself making out with a coronavirus victim.

The 73 year old President boasted about his incredible health in a press conference shortly after.

“When you ask who has the best health, you have to think of me. I do. I have the best health. Just ask my doctors. If you hear reports I am overweight, know that its fake news”.

After exiting the hospital room, Trump was shocked to see representatives from many media companies avoid him. However, far-right news site Breitbart was quick to fill the gap by riding Trump out of the hospital.

However, the man affected most by the kiss was 67 year old John Allan. The steel worker told Stumpy that he understood Melania’s reluctance.

“Honestly, Trump took my breath away and I was really disappointed when I started returning from the light”. The man was left confused as to why the President thought he had coronavirus.

“I’m actually just in the hospital for a kidney transplant. I told him that but he just kept telling me it was tragic”.


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