Scientists Beg Lecturers to Stop Icebreakers to Help Save the Polar Bears

With the world bracing itself for the apocalypse to come at the hands of a pissed off mother nature, scientists and other people conservatives don’t listen to have started to target smaller groups of people negatively affecting the environment of the earth.

Leading scientists from MIT has begged lecturers at universities to quit awkward icebreakers that lead to nothing. While lecturers have attempted to argue that it promotes engagement between students and provides a study network, the head of the research program, Dylan Pole, denied these claims.

“Icebreakers do two things. Firstly, they make students want to never come to a lecture again, and secondly, they leave a polar bear gasping for air as the water fills their poor, beary lungs. Please, you’re killing the polar bears”.

Most lecturers are yet to respond to the request. After several emails, they informed Stumpy that they had to wait for all scientists to put their report in before they can respond otherwise it would be unfair.

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