Inside Source Confirms QUT Lecturers Get Bonus Every Time They Say “Real World”

A source within QUT has confirmed today that lecturers and tutors receive a paycheck bonus whenever they drop the words “real world” into a class.

Years of not so subtle references to the infamous QUT catchprase has been shrugged off as some weird boomer humour. However, the motivation has now been revealed.

The source, who requested to remain anonymous, commented on how degrading it was.

“You’ve spent years and years studying hard. You’ve written PhD essays. You have worked with actual business’ and I’m here being QUT’s marketing bitch”.

However, the source did note that as terrible of a catchphrase as “university for the real world” is, that the alternative was even worst.

“Can you imagine how degrading it would be to have to continually have to drop the catchphrase ‘We’re sorry daddy’s money couldn’t get you into UQ’?”

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