Boomers Suddenly Care About A Global Emergency Because This One Affects Them

When the topic of climate change was brought up heavily in mid-2019, the usual response from the older generation, known as “boomers”, was usually met with little empathy. While some tried to argue and play it off as an economic thing, honest boomers simply revealed they didn’t give a fuck because it didn’t concern them.

Now however, with COVID-19, or coronavirus, is on the rise. With this disease known to be most harmful to the elderly, it’s no surprise that now boomers give a fuck about it.

“We think it’s vital we do something to protect people. If we do not do something now, we may never be able to turn back the effects” said one boomer on the spread of coronavirus.

When asked however who is to blame for the problem, the answer, unsurprisingly, was millennials and Greenies

“If these hippies hadn’t let every Chinese man in, we’d be fine. Kh wait am I allowed to say man or do I have to say ‘person'”

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