Hooray! Men Solve Gender Equality by Asking About International Men’s Day

It’s official: equality has been reached. Yes, today, men around the world have solved the issue of equality by asking when International Men’s Day is.

Despite it being very easily found with a quick Google search, men have solved gender inequality in the world by minimising the importance of International Women’s Day, and pushing for the even more important, International Men’s Day.

Women from around the world have praised this movement, understanding that years of rape, domestic violence, discrimination in the workplace, objectification, harmful gender norms and no bodily autonomy is nowhere near as difficult as Dave not being allowed to whistle at a woman.

To apologise for this inconvenience, women across the world have agreed to shut up, stay in their place and do whatever their drunk, borderline abusive husband tells them to do like the good little woman they are.

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